Addressing nutritional concerns is a key component of restoring health. A significant portion of today’s chronic diseases can be traced back to either poor diet or exposure to toxic chemicals. At Paladin Chiropractic, we offer a comprehensive nutritional evaluation and coaching to aid in restoring health.

Identifying Deficiencies

We start by identifying specific deficiencies in your diet. This is done by cataloging your food intake for a period of two weeks and laboratory testing to determine which nutrients aren’t being properly absorbed. For instance, you may be consuming adequate amounts of protein, but if that protein isn’t digested or absorbed, you may still be deficient.

Removing Problem Foods

The first step in creating a good nutrition plan is removing foods inappropriate to your unique needs. While most of us have at least a basic idea of what foods are good for us, we might not necessarily know what foods aren’t good for us. Bananas are a good example, as they are packed with nutrients but are relatively high in sugar and may prove problematic for those with sugar handling problems.

Adding Healthy Options

One of the hardest parts of switching to a healthier diet is knowing what to eat. Depending on your individual needs, tastes, and lifestyle habits, we will help you learn what foods can be safely and conveniently incorporated into your daily diet. At this point we will use results from your tests to figure out key nutrient requirements as well as foods you will be able to tolerate regularly.

Supplementing Needs

Today, most Americans take at least some kind of supplement or vitamin—and with good reason. Eating the amount of food to meet our nutrient requirements is difficult with busy lives and progressively nutrient deprived soils. As a result, your doctor may recommend that you take supplements according to your dietary needs. Paladin Chiropractic partners with a number of high quality whole food supplement providers to offer the best available products to its patients.

Nutrition Response Testing®

Based on Applied Kinesiology and Context Reflex Analysis, Nutrition Response Testing® uses neurological reflex points located throughout the patient’s body to test for deficiencies in the body, challenges to the immune system, and intolerances to foods. Your doctor may choose to use this technique separately or in combination with lab testing. For more information, visit the technique organization’s webpage at Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.